Frankenstein | The Third Annual Penn Bioethics Film Festival | March 20-22, 2018

Admission is free.

Tuesday, March 20

5:30pm – Reception
6:00pm – The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Moderator: Lance Wahlert (University of Pennsylvania)
Discussant: Susan Lederer (University of Wisconsin)

Wednesday, March 21

5:30pm – Reception
6:00pm – Young Frankenstein (1974)

Jonathan D. Moreno (Penn Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy, Penn PIK)
Peter Decherney (Penn Cinema Studies)
Marcia Ferguson (Penn Cinema Studies)
Adrian Raine (Penn Department of Criminology, Penn PIK)

Thursday, March 22

5:30pm – Reception
6:00pm – Screening of Blade Runner – Final Cut (2007)

Dominic Sisti (Penn Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy)
Stephanie Dick (Penn Department of History and Sociology of Science)
Michael Swanwick (Award-winning author of science fiction books & short stories)