Almost Human?

The Second Annual Penn Bioethics Film Festival | April 4-6, 2017






Ex Machina

April 4-6, 2017

The University of Pennsylvania

International House Theater

3701 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104



"Spike Jonze's "Her" plays like a kind of miracle..."

− Glenn Kenny,

"'Avatar' showed me something I have never seen before. It reminded me of what movies can do, of what they're capable of, of what the experience of sitting down for three hours in a dark room can really mean."

− Will Leitch, Deadspin

"Ex Machina is a disquieting power struggle waged in terms of human weaknesses, refracted through gender."

− Alison Willmore, BuzzFeed News

"'Her' is further proof that the outlandish imagination of Spike Jonze may be one of the most accurate and insightful lenses for observing the great human saga."

− Kofi Outlaw, Screen Rant
Bioethics Film Fest @bioethxfilmfest1 month ago"Almost Human" is the theme of the 2017 Penn Bioethics Film Fest-- Awesome films & speakers. April 4-6,
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